Creating Affordable Homes For Multigenerational Living

D'Jewel Gardens, hidden charm of Seri Kundang offering 30 units of 3 storey terrace house. A contemporary home at countryside, spacious layout perfectly fit big family live comfortably together under one roof.

Experience Inner Peace

Located closer to the nature, D'jewel Gardens is indeed a perfect place to escape from busy city life. Exposure towards the nature daily allows you to reduce anger, fear and most importantly stress-free. Coming home is always a good get away.

House for Multiple Generations

Spacious and practical home layout allows family members to maintain their own space while sharing under one roof. The generous spaces designed enable you to utilise spaces to numerous purpose.

Work - Life Balance

Look foward to be immersed in natural environment after a very busy day at work. Have a short run or even a relaxing stroll around the lake to promote a better lifestyle. Enjoy water activities to boost the adrenaline rush in you.